Promotion - Pickleball Gift Set

Promotion - Pickleball Gift Set

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Pickleball is taking off across the country, and for good reason – it’s fun, easy to learn and it takes less of a physical toll than many other sports. This bundle is designed to equip players with everything they need to succeed on the pickleball court: choice of paddle, TRU 32 balls, overgrips, hat and pickleball T-shirt. Wilson’s new line of pickleball paddles features varying shapes with varying benefits depending on what players are looking for. The Juice features a wide body shape that maximizes the sweet spot and generates impressive power, the Juice XL features an elongated shape that helps extend court coverage, and the Echo features a classic shape for excellent touch and control. The TRU 32 pickleball lends superior flight and bounce characteristics thanks to its patented 32-hole pattern evenly distributed across the ball. Bundle also includes pickleball overgrip, fun tee and hat to complete your look when you take the court.

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